Large Shed Plans - Proper Steps For Constructing a Storage Shed

Do you want to enter the wonderful hobby of woodworking? A shed is a great woodworking project which will test your woodworking methods to the extreme. A strong and durable shed can be built in just a some days using some cheap shed plans available (read more) in many designs and styles. You will be able to test your woodworking talents and hone them throughout this project

 It will also assist you increase you woodworking methods in case you are already familiar with carpentry. A shed will allow you to store all those items which you don’t regularly use away from sight and give you much needed space. It is good to have assistance from an experienced builder when you are just starting out, because shed construction can be difficult for the amateur woodworker. You must accept all the challenges you face as you will undoubtedly learn new techniques while working on the shed and become a better handyman from this experience.

Materials for Constructing the Shed

Some types of timber may be more expensive in certain regions if they are not native to that area, so it may be a good idea to stick to locally available timber. Timber increases in weather resistance after pressure treatment, so use pressure treated lumber as much as possible. If you can afford a finer and more costly brand of wood then pick the grain of the timber keeping in mind if you want to paint the shed or use a clear coat of varnish. If you wish to use just varnish then you can use hardwood as it will give you a good finish.

 Have a talk with your local lumberyard and discuss the pros and cons of the various types of lumber available in your area and settle for one which is within your budget and is also durable. A good strategy may be to use stronger wood for building the crucial parts of the shed like beams, rafters and foundation (diy storage shed plans). For making the interior sections like the floor panel or window frames you can use cheaper varieties of timber. This way you will be able to make a sturdy and durable shed within a budget.

What type of shed should you build?

The rafters used in the building of the roof may take up room inside your shed and leave little space for storage towards the top of the shed. A gable shed is good for constructing playhouses since the children would have a familiar home like feeling in it. Gable sheds look like regular homes so they serve as a beautiful addition to your property while also giving you extra storage space. Salt Box Style Shed is easily one of the most involved and intricate shed designs to build.

 Do not attempt this project if this is the first shed you are constructing (large shed plans). In this design the roof overhangs the front wall and you can use this extra space for string some small things. The simplest shed design has to be the flat roof style shed. A Flat Roof supported by four walls is all it takes to finish this style of shed. Since the timber which will be used for making this type of shed won't be needed in large quantities because of the design, you will be able to greatly cut down on the costs.

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